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Can Your Address Be Seen From The Street?

Can Your house address numbers be seen at night from the curb?

Please do yourself a favor. As soon as it gets dark tonight, go outside and check.

If the answer is no, then you need to do something about that ASAP. WHY?

Because if you have a medical emergency, the EMT is going to waste precious time looking for Your house.


will solve that

The only patented product that combines bold numbers with a bright security lights

making your address clearly visible up to 175 feet away!

IN CASE OF A MEDICAL EMERGENCY!! Your House NEEDS...........Address-O-Lite

IF Your House Address Numbers CANNOT be seen at night from the curb Your House NEEDS...........Address-O-Lite

Wither it is a stroke, a heart attack, or a fall, minutes are precious and can mean the differences between life and death. Address-O-Lite can Change All That.

Imagine YOU or Your LOVED One is having a stroke and the EMT is right out side riding up and down your street looking for Your house.
With Address-O-Lite they can get right to Your house.


Replaces your existing light fixture. 

Automatically turns ON at dusk and OFF at dawn, using photocell technology. 

Installs quickly and easily using your existing wiring. 

Operates on standard household current LED light bulbs

Comes complete with adhesive backed numbers, mounting hardware, and easy-to-follow instructions, nothing else to buy. 

Built tough the best LED light bulbs in the USA for a lifetime of use -- guaranteed to NEVER chip, fade, shatter, rust, or peel!

Mounts vertically or horizontally and comes with a white or black frame  

       address light                      

Thousands of Address-o-Lites with LED Light bulbs are currently in service on US military installations.

These lights can now provide additional security and comfort to your home. 


This security light improves response time for emergency personnel, in turn saving lives and property. 

The Address-o-Lite can give you or your residents reassurance that emergency response personnel can find your home in time of need.

First Responders Testimonials 

EMT Chalmers:
Firefighters don’t enforce county ordinances, but we feel this is an important issue. 
We frequently respond to emergencies and sometimes have a hard time finding the right address. Every second counts during an emergency.  Valuable time can be lost if your house number is not clearly posted
led light bulbs for home help.
Firefighter, Holbrook:

We have some of the best equipment when responding to an emergency,
but we need your help.  Please help us locate emergencies by having your address marked where we can easily find it.

Kevin Coffelt, Assistant Fire Chief:

"A lot of the times, there's not actually an address on the house.
It slows your response time on dealing with an emergency,"

For the price of a nice meal for two, you can have peace of mind, knowing that in an emergency First Responders can find Your House. 

Just a few minutes can mean the difference between LIFE & Death

Don't make the mistake of letting the first responders waste those precious moments.
Address-o-lite with LED light bulbs are the best!

Get Your Life Saving Address-o-Lite LED Lighted Address Light Today!

The Address-o-Lite LED Lights Address Light is a asset to your home or business.
Throughout the years it has helped emergency response teams find people in need FAST!

Address-o-Lite has always been at the forefront of helping reduce your homes energy cost

technologies like the photo cell in every LED light Address-o-Lite automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn

Get Your Life Saving Address-O-Lite with LED Lights

Life Saving Address-O-Lite ONLY $75.00 plus $15.00 s&h

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